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Pinterest is a virtual smorgasbord of handy hints that help jazz-up your life on a tight budget. There is, however, a world of difference between sharing your winning design for a cheap unicorn cake and promoting recipes that put people's health at risk. Pinterest是一个虚拟的大杂烩,里面有很多有用的提示,可以帮助你在预算紧张的情况下让生活更有活力。然而,分享你为便宜的独角兽蛋糕设计的获奖作品,与推广将人们的健康置于危险境地的食谱,两者之间有着天壤之别。 Amid the site's crowdsourced instructions for DIY moisturisers and deodorants are a plethora of potentially unsafe home-made sunscreens that fall short of providing adequate UV protection. 在该网站DIY润肤霜和除臭剂的众包说明中,有大量可能不安全的自制防晒霜,无法提供足够的紫外线保护。 A recent study by researchers from the Center for Injury Research and Policy at Nationwide Children's Hospital in the US took a close look at the trend of home-made sunscreens on the popular social media website. 美国全国儿童医院伤害研究与政策中心的研究人员最近在流行的社交媒体网站上仔细研究了自制防晒霜的趋势。 If you've somehow escaped it, Pinterest is the online equivalent of a personal scrapbook for sharing interesting snippets found across the internet. Once you find a 'pin' you like, you can save it to your own wall. 如果你不知怎么逃过了这一劫,Pinterest就是一个在线的个人剪贴簿,用来分享在互联网上找到的有趣片段。一旦你找到一个你喜欢的“别针”,你可以把它保存到你自己的墙上。 Whatever your passion, you'll find somebody who has already cobbled together a library of images and articles - from dogs to tattoos, to pages upon pages of home remedies. 无论你的激情是什么,你会发现有人已经拼凑出了一个图片和文章的图书馆——从狗到纹身,再到一页页的家庭疗法。 Needless to say, not all of those suggestions come with the stamp of approval from health authorities. And that's a problem. 不用说,并非所有这些建议都得到了卫生当局的批准。这是个问题。 The concerning part was 68 percent of the pins featured DIY instructions that had little hope of living up to the standards we need from a sunscreen. 令人担忧的是,68%的别针上写着DIY说明,按照说明几乎不可能达到我们需要的防晒标准。 Many of the ingredients in the promoted products include fairly benign materials like coconut oil and beeswax. While there's probably a low chance such chemicals would cause much harm, they'd also do an inadequate job of absorbing ultraviolet (UV) radiation. 促销产品中的许多成分包括相当良性的材料,如椰子油和蜂蜡。虽然这些化学物质造成伤害的可能性很低,但它们吸收紫外线的能力也不够。 Given 30 percent of the pins provided a sun protection factor (SPF) number, ranging from 2 to 50, there's a concern that people might use these DIY versions in place of products that have the approval of health authorities. 考虑到30%的别针提供防晒系数(SPF),范围从2到50不等,人们担心人们可能会使用这些DIY版的来代替获得卫生部门批准的产品。


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